Return Policy

Endurance BioBarrier and Other Products Fulfilled By

Order Fulfillment Errors

For any products ordered via or, please contact them regarding order fulfillment errors.


Return of Unused Products

If you would like to return unopened and unused Endurance BioBarrier products within 30 days of purchase, please contact your retailer or distributor for return and refund instructions.

Some retailers and distributors may not offer a return or refund on product that has been opened and used because these products cannot be re-stocked.

It would be an extremely rare situation in which one of our Endurance BioBarrier products did not work as promised. If you feel that our Endurance BioBarrier product has not lived up to its guaranteed level of performance, and if you properly followed the application directions, then please contact us. Submit a detailed description of your situation so that we can determine if our warranty is in effect, which would qualify you for a refund. Click to see warranty details.