How To Remove Mold From An Attic

If you discover mold in your attic, then you can bet it is caused by either a roof leak or excess moisture caused by insufficient attic ventilation. Another cause is bathroom fans with exhaust pipes that empty moist air into the attic instead of extending up and through the roof. We provide a link to an article that offers suggestions on how to find roof leaks and how to improve attic ventilation. The article also offers tips for removing mold and mold stains.

Fix And Prevent Mold in Basements Caused by Floods

Preventing Mold Problem In Flooded Basement

This TV News segment video does a nice job of helping people understand what they need to do after their basement has been flooded to prevent mold from becoming a big problem.

As you will see, the indoor air quality expert interviewed in this segment offers practical tips for preventing mold spores from moving up from your basement into the rest of your home. He also recommends what to do with wet basement carpet as well wet drywall and baseboards. Of course, removing moisture from the air is a top priority. The indoor air quality expert interviewed in this segment offers his advice on how to do this, too.