HVAC Applications

Use fogger to apply our Mold Prevention product throughout ductwork.

Use fogger, airless sprayer, or hand pump sprayer with fine mist nozzle to disperse our Mold Prevention Spray into ductwork. First remove duct air filter and turn fan on.

For large application jobs, we recommend using basic protective gear. No hazmat gear needed.

For large application jobs, we recommend using basic protective gear.  Our products are non-toxic with zero VOCs but always best to be safe.

Download, print and give HVAC application instructions to your crew.

HVAC Application Instructions
  1. For mold remediation projects, follow the IICRC S520 or similar guidelines.
  2. Even though our Mold Prevention spray is non-toxic and has zero VOCs, we still recommend using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
    • For example, for small applications we recommend a coverall suit, respirator mask, protective goggles and rubber gloves while applying our Mold Prevention Spray.
  3. First ensure that ducts are clean.
  4. Remove air filter(s).
  5. Open all supply vents.
  6. Turn on fan.
  7. At each return vent, use fogger, airless sprayer, or hand pump sprayer with fine mist nozzle to disperse Endurance BioBarrier’s Mold Prevention product into the residential or commercial ductwork system.
  8. When you start to see mist coming out of the supply vent(s), keep fogging or spraying for another 1 or 2 minutes.
  9. Turn off fogger or sprayer and let fan run for another minute.
  10. Then turn off fan, or move to the next return vent and repeat steps 3 to 9.
  11. When mist exits supply vents, the product will be lightly coating surfaces in the respective room.
    • This is a BONUS benefit because those surfaces will now have long lasting protection against mold, mildew, germs and musty odors.
    • A great way to eliminate the spores that get stirred up and become airborne during the ductwork installation or cleaning job and get dispersed into rooms.
    • If client wants attics and crawlspaces treated due to risk of kicked up spores, then use fogger in those areas.
    • Safe for all surfaces, including carpets and fabric. Won’t harm plants.
    • Our Prevention Spray is certified non-toxic, but we recommend covering food preparation surfaces with plastic or cloth.
  12. Since our Mold Prevention Spray is non-toxic, non-corrosive and has zero VOCs, it is perfectly safe to use in air ducts and on all interior surfaces, including fabrics and carpets. Won’t harm HVAC fan mechanisms.
  13. Allow all ductwork and room surfaces to air dry for at least one hour.
  14. Unless oversprayed, our Mold Prevention Spray forms a clear, protective, microscopic barrier when dry. In order to check whether all target surfaces were properly coated, shine a UV black light on them to see if they glow. If you don’t see a glow in a target area, then lightly re-apply. This is a convenient way to ensure that your team covered all critical areas.
  15. When finished, be sure to use fresh water to flush out the fogger, sprayer and nozzle. This will prevent clogging.
  16. The active ingredients are a proprietary blend of biocides and fungicides that are EPA / TSCA registered to inhibit 99.9% of mold, mildew and germs within 48 hours. This produces a much greater improvement to indoor air quality (IAQ) than you will get by just cleaning the ducts.
You Can Get Incremental Revenue in Commercial HVAC Jobs

Commercial HVAC

You Can Get Incremental Revenue in Residential HVAC Jobs

Residential HVAC

When you submit a quote for a commercial or residential installation or cleaning job, add an estimate for the application of Endurance BioBarrier Mold Prevention Spray. You may want to describe this line item in the quote as “Indoor Air Quality Enhancement Spray”.

People are becoming more and more aware of how airborne mycotoxins from mold and mildew can seriously impact the health of children and adults. As a result, if you offer our Mold Prevention Spray as a value-added “Indoor Air Quality” (IAQ) service, you will be appealing to them on an emotional level.

  • The application of our Mold Prevention Spray will help ensure that HVAC systems are free of mold, mildew and germs.

Your profit margin on applying our Mold Prevention Spray should be favorable because your crew will already be on the job site, and it takes little extra time for them to apply.

Here are ideas on how to position it to your clients.

  • Spending a little extra money upfront will help to ensure that their newly installed or newly cleaned ductwork remains free of mold, mildew, germs and musty odors for a guaranteed 10 years.
  • Explain to your client that your crew can’t avoid stirring up dust along with mold and mildew spores when installing or cleaning the ductwork. So spraying Endurance BioBarrier’s Mold Prevention product into the ductwork will eliminate those spores.
  • As a BONUS benefit, when the Mold Prevention Spray exits supply vents during the fogging/spraying process, surfaces in those rooms will be protected against the kicked up spores. Safe for all surfaces, including fabrics and plants.
  • Because spores will be kicked up in attics and crawlspaces, you can also offer to fog these areas.

Our product can be positioned as the last, logical step that helps ensure the best possible, longest lasting IAQ in any HVAC job.

And don’t forget to tell your clients that our Mold Prevention Spray is certified by the Duke University School of Medicine as non-toxic. It is also certified as non-corrosive and as having zero VOCs. And it’s water-based formula is certified non-flammable. It’s safe for people, pets, plants and the environment.