Flooding In My Basement

“Both products worked BEAUTIFULLY!!  The carpet has been restored to prior condition. And there has been no mold or odor in the months since application. I highly recommend this product.”

B. Roberts “picky shopper”Verified Amazon Buyer

Worst Mold I’ve Seen in 36 Years

“Your Cleaner Prep and EBB products are among the best and most environmentally safe products I have ever used. Rechecks on the 16 unit building show no mold regrowth.”

Mark C.Samson Remediation

Lumber Mill Protects Shipments

“We tested 100 gallons of EBB on a shipment of lumber to the Caribbean. We have found the product to be extremely effective in protecting the wood against mold.”

Andre B.JD Irving Forest Products

Landlord Grateful For Mold Solution

“My client was thrilled because he was able to provide his tenants with peace of mind. I will be using EBB and recommending to all my clients as a pro-active measure.”

Bart W.Contractor License# 81289357

Insurance Agent Recommends to Clients

“My company saves a lot of money every time a local contractor performs mold abatement work using Endurance BioBarrier.  I recommend it to all my clients.”

Tom W.Insurance Agent

Roofing & Siding Manufacturer

“Endurance BioBarrier has proven itself to be very effective. It has met all of the challenges for efficacy and safety against mold and bacteria, therefore it is approved for use in our plants.”

John C.Special Projects Manager

Mold Removal in Sports Facilities

“After 3 months, all areas in our men’s and women’s locker rooms and saunas show no signs of mold, mildew or fungus.  Are we ever glad you offered to let us be a test site!”

Allen W.University Facilities Manager