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Contractor Grade products are available in 5 gallon buckets, 330 gallon totes, and tanker trucks.

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Mold cleaner remover 5gal Endurance BioBarrier

Endurance BioBarrier
Mold & Grime Cleaner
Contractor Grade

Destroys & removes mold.

Also cleans dirt, grease, grime.

Concentrated Formula
Light: Mix 10:1 with water
Normal: Mix 4:1
Tough: Use full strength

Low foaming. Easy to rinse.
No residue.

Non-toxic. Biodegradable.
Zero VOCs.

Powerful yet safe cleaner for all indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Made in USA.

Front Label for Contractor Grade 5 gal Mold & Grime Cleaner Prep Concentrate

Front label. Click to enlarge.

Mold Prevention Contractor Grade 5gal Endurance BioBarrier

Endurance BioBarrier
Mold Prevention Spray
Contractor Grade

New revenue source to add to mold remediation jobs.

Microscopic, breathable barrier.

Protects thru 100s of wet-dry cycles indoor or outdoor.

Far outlasts competitors.

Inhibits mold, mildew, germs, and musty odors.

Non-toxic. Non-corrosive.
Zero VOCs.

Covers approx 1,000 sq ft per gal. Double the coverage of top competitors.

Guaranteed Mold Prevention
6 months: bathrooms, etc.
2 years: indoor/outdoor
5 years: HVAC ducts
25 years: enclosed areas

Mist surfaces using hand pump sprayer, airless sprayer (411 tip), or fogger.

Let air dry for about 1 hour.

Since invisible when dry, shine UV black light to ensure you didn’t miss an area. Treated surfaces will glow. Cool, huh?

Virtually all indoor/outdoor surfaces.

For best results, first use our Mold & Grime Cleaner Prep to deep clean the surface.

If a mold remediation project, please follow IICRC S520 or similar guidelines.

Biocide/fungicide active ingredients: EPA registration #5383-107 and #5383-121.

Made in USA.

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Front Label for Contractor Grade 5 gal Mold Prevention Spray

Front label. Click to enlarge.