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  • Editors and bloggers. Your readers will greatly appreciate learning how they can save time and money by using our non-toxic, long-lasting mold prevention spray. Enhance your article by downloading our logo, product images or press releases.
  • Retailers and distributors. Contact us about selling our unique mold products. Based on extremely impressive conversion rates and 4 1/2 star ratings on Amazon, your customers will be glad to see both our products on your shelf.
  • Contractors, mold remediation professionals and HVAC installers/cleaners. Ask us about bulk quantities. Check out our Contractor Grade products.
  • Construction material OEMs. Make their products more compelling to buyers by using our mold prevention spray for the longest lasting protection possible against mold, mildew and dry rot.
  • Facility and maintenance managers. Hotels, cruise ships, airlines, schools, sports facilities, apartment and office buildings, theaters, or any other commercial entity. Protect your customers, employees and facilities with the best mold solution available.

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